| December 30, 2013


Detective Bob Randall, a likeable larrikin, is admired by his peers, loathed by law-breakers. His intense, ice-blue eyes have witnessed mankind’s worst deeds. His affable nature hides pain and anger. It also hides his secret.
The murder of both parents when he was a young boy has skewed his sense of justice. Consequence is now a lost consideration. This trait has made him the perfect recruit for the secret organisation DL. To secure his services, they offered him what he has always craved…Revenge.
A mathematical formula is is all that stands between a criminal’s life and death. A simple formula that determines an individual’s debt to society, or DL’s assessment of your worth. Fail the test and they meet Randall. He or the ‘bait’ he controls will be the last person they see.

You will sympathise with, admire and question Randall, but in the end, it’s impossible not to be engaged by his charismatic personality and unconventional ways.

Written by former Detective Josh Burton who draws on his years of experience in the force, Abacus is in a genre all of its own. It is a convincing and thoroughly entertaining read.

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