Gaijin Who Knows Everything

| January 11, 2020


Jerry Summers is a diligent student, dreamer, and enthusiast of Asian culture. His passion and determination take him to faraway Japan where, thanks to his knowledge and his charm, he becomes a national sensation, a celebrity everyone wants to meet – Gaijin Who Knows Everything.

And then… he meets Natsumi.
A young Japanese woman who lives vicariously through books and seeks connection with someone outside her culture. “Two different places, cultures, and mentalities that would never be brought together…” or would they?

The distance can mean so little when someone means so much to you.

The story, set in Japan during the nineteen-nineties, touches upon wonderful aspects of Japanese culture and its heritage through an outsider’s eyes, which makes it a must read for those who wish to explore the Land of the Rising Sun for themselves.

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