2000 Tarot Practice Questions: Improve Your Tarot Reading Skills

| January 11, 2020


Are you trying to learn Tarot but can’t find anyone to practice on… besides your cat?

Are your friends and relatives giving you “that look” when they see you approaching them with your Tarot cards? Or maybe they keep asking you the same questions over and over?

Are you curious about the types of questions a real client will ask you as a Tarot reader?

Are you wanting to learn Tarot but don’t feel ready to practice with a real person yet?

Yes? Me too. I came up with my own solution. I took a few sheets of paper and wrote out 100 random names. Then I jotted down some of the most common questions people ask a Tarot reader next to each name. I imagined they were all real clients waiting for an answer from me. I wasn’t sure if it would work. I wasn’t sure if the cards would respond. But I began to get amazing results from the readings that delighted me. Some readings revealed such profound underlying reasons for the answer it brought tears to my eyes. I made notes and scribbles about which spread I used, how long it took, and any interesting details or unique card meanings that resulted.

My Tarot cards started to talk to me. My intuition and my ability to see the connections between the cards grew. I kept adding more names and more questions as I practiced every day. And eventually, I was ready to look for real clients.

I wondered if others might find this useful too. So, I created this book, which I still use myself to keep my reading skills sharp.

With these 2000 questions, you could practice 5 readings every day for a year and still have some left over. Use the questions in sequence or flip through the book and find a question you like. Make notes and keep track of how your Tarot reading skills are improving.

Sure, you could keep practicing on your cat… Or, you could imagine this is your Tarot appointment book, already filled up months in advance.

They’re waiting for an answer from you…


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