Missing in Mystic Grove (A Liz Bean Mystery Book 1)

| January 12, 2020


Can Liz Bean, a young, female protagonist and Sam Nolan, a private investigator, solve not one but two mysteries at the Bean Family Bed and Breakfast and save the family business? Or will it all go terribly wrong?

This mystery by S.F. Bose features Liz Bean, woman sleuth.

Book 1 – Missing in Mystic Grove

It’s Thanksgiving Week at the Bean Family Bed and Breakfast. Liz Bean is looking forward to helping her family prepare a Thanksgiving dinner and celebration for their B&B guests.

Two months earlier, a traumatic event prompted Liz to leave her job as a field translator with Worldhead Global Security in Virginia and return home to Mystic Grove. After four years of hiding what she really did in the Covert Services Group at Worldhead, Liz is relieved to be home. She looks forward to a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

Then everything falls apart. A B&B guest reports that a piece of her jewelry has gone missing. Then she suggests that another guest might have actually stolen it. The guest gives them four days to find her jewelry or she’ll call the police. Grandma Addie Bean shivers at the thought of the negative online reviews the guest might leave if they don’t find her jewelry.

Grandma Addie pairs Liz with Sam Nolan, a quirky private investigator who’s a frequent diner at the B&B. Their meeting is like oil and water, but Liz knows they have to team up to help the B&B. When their prime suspect disappears, the situation goes from bad to worse.

As they investigate each lead, Liz realizes that she’s not the only one in Mystic Grove who’s keeping secrets. When the truth is revealed, it takes everyone by surprise.

This action-packed mystery featuring a young woman sleuth and her private investigator partner will keep you guessing all the way to the surprising ending.

The Reviews are In!

“I read book 1 and book 2. Loved them both! Plenty of mystery and suspense. Really great characters that I want to enjoy reading about again and again.”

“This was really an excellent mystery. Lots of twists and turns. I liked and identified with the heroine. The other characters were believable and interesting. I would recommend this to any mystery lover.”

“Lively characters and good story.
Enjoyed from start to finish.
Unexpected events.”

“Missing in Mystic Grove” is a prequel to S.F. Bose’s first mystery novel, “Murder in Mystic Grove”, and I enjoyed this one just as much. At 148 pages, it’s a shorter story, but just as much fun to read. It starts out as a story about a ring that may be lost or stolen, but quickly develops into so much more. Ms. Bose has a knack for building suspense and fleshing out characters. I hope she continues the series because I want to see what happens to her main characters next.”

“I was very excited when I saw S.F. Bose’s new book, Missing in Mystic Grove, released. Great characters and plot. Once again, twists and turns and an ending I didn’t expect. Looking forward to the next one in the series!”

If you enjoyed Missing in Mystic Grove, don’t miss the next book in the series, Murder in Mystic Grove. Liz Bean is working as a PI Intern for Sam Nolan. In her first case, Liz has to solve a murder in which her divorced mother’s boyfriend is a key suspect! Did I mention her mother is very difficult?

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