The Return of Betty Snickerdoodle (A Betty Snickerdoodle Mystery Book 1)

| January 12, 2020


Somebody’s messing with the wrong recluse!

Irascible, unfiltered Bea Sickles is living happily ever after as a chain-smoking hermit in Napa Valley — until an amateur crook named Cash barges into her home and her life.

Cash’s get-rich-quick scheme: Steal a Betty Snickerdoodle manuscript, publish it, and pocket the proceeds. Bea’s made millions off those syrupy holiday romance novels — and now Cash wants a piece of the action!

What Cash doesn’t know is that Bea’s no ordinary septuagenarian millionaire. She’s a fearless, wily ex-poker pro who loves nothing more than being underestimated. And now she’s concocted a high-stakes plan to teach Cash a lesson.

It’s a gamble that just might blow up in Bea’s face. Luckily, she has a friend in her corner — Angela Garcia, the brilliant, beautiful marketer who used social media to make Betty Snickerdoodle a publishing phenomenon.

Cash will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Can Bea and Angela stop him – and save their publishing enterprise – before it’s too late?


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