Ultimate Warrior: Samurai

| January 13, 2020


Venture deep into Ancient Japan and learn about the Way of the Warrior, what it means to be a Samurai: One of the most Fearless and Respected Warriors Cultures in the Ancient World.

This Beginner’s Guide Gently Introduces Aspiring Warriors into the World of Legends; Warrior Cultures that endured the test of time and continues to inspire future generations to fight on, whether it be by the sword or pen.

In this Historical Guide, you will learn facts about the Samurai Culture and it’s unique place in the world of warriors. You will learn what it meant to be a Samurai, the status a person had to have in order to be eligible to call himself a Samurai and all sorts of fascinating historical facts surrounding the Samurai.

Have you ever wondered if there were ever Female Samurai ? This book will answer that question and more; It is now time for us to don our armour of curiosity and step bravely into the world of the Samurai.


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