I Am Second Too: Be the Best Parent Ever Meet the God of Second Chances

| January 14, 2020


Do you know where your kids will spend eternity?

Parents, can you identify addictive behaviors in your children?

Are drugs and alcohol stealing your joy or theirs?

In this inspirational and informative book, Lensie shares lessons learned from the school of hard knocks. Understand how to raise the next-gen kid free from alcohol and drug addictions.

I Am Second Too will teach parents how to:

  • Be proactive in raising your children
  • Be responsible and equip your kids for their future
  • Be prepared to overcome obstacles
  • Be positive by speaking life
  • Be teachable by learning the truth about addictions

Lensie has experienced the pain and heartache from addictions first-hand.

I Am Second Too will unlock the mystery of a never-ending life.

Now, it’s your turn. Time to turn the page. Take the bull by the horns!

Don’t Delay! Tomorrow is but a dream.

Rest well knowing you are the best parent ever!

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