Beautiful Stranger : UFO Uncovered

| December 30, 2013


Beautiful Stranger : UFO Uncovered

Kaushik Subramanian’s autobiography, Beautiful Stranger, is his journey of discovering UFO technology. Kaushik is a 26 year old law graduate, who happened to write a science fiction story about aliens handing over the UFO design to the humans. In the process of writing, Kaushik accidentally gets a brainwave about how the UFO might work. Kaushik’s design of an antigravity based supersonic space exploring spacecraft, is based on magnetic suspension of two hollow ellipsoidal electromagnetic shells that suspend each other using the magnetic field that exists between them. The craft is then propelled using the Meissner Effect, which makes the craft repel itself forward. The detailed version of his research is presented at the end of the book. Ever since Kaushik made this design, he claims that he has been followed by mysterious spacecrafts, which appear like planes, but have the ability to turn invisible. He claims that he has been seeing these spacecrafts for 3 years now. He believes he is being monitored by extra-terrestrial beings, who somehow know about his story and the design.

Beautiful Stranger : UFO Uncovered is a psychic love story, which ends up as an interesting dramatic thriller. Kirtana, Kaushik’s love interest is a psychic who reads minds and foresees the future. She fulfils Kaushik’s dream of writing a novel by making his imaginations come true, by enacting a drama in real life, which Kaushik doesn’t realise till the last minute. Kaushik has explored the two sides of the subconscious mind, the good and the evil side, and how it influences every person’s life. The book also talks about the good and the evil side of God, the meaning of life, the origin of intelligent life on our planet, the histories of alien planets, and about why God created the planets. The book answers the most popular question that most atheists ask. If God exists, why is there so much evil in the world? The book talks about how evil was necessary for doing a greater good, both in respect of Kaushik’s personal life and the larger global picture. Kaushik makes several mistakes in his college life, which he considers as sins, but he realizes that these evils had to have happened, for him to create this design. In the novel, Kaushik talks about how free energy and advanced technologies have been suppressed by powerful elites, who fear a population explosion that would be the obvious outcome of such advanced technologies. Kaushik believes that the US’s monopoly over oil trade, and wars that have been fought for the same goal, is the result of these elites trying to stall oil scarcity, to keep the world dependant on oil for as long as possible before the knowledge of free energy leaks out. This evil, he believes is being conducted by greedy men, who fear the imminent loss of political control over the world, which would certainly happen when the population explodes, due to the advent of free energy. At the same time, he believes God is permitting the same to happen with the intention of the greater good of mankind, to prevent the population from exploding. The book underlines the belief that everything good or bad, happens for a reason.


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