Blue Roses by Design


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Born to design beautiful things, architect Andrea Drayton has leveled the playing field in an industry dominated by men. Designing buildings may be her business but building her love life remains in a pile of rubble. Frustrated with dating, through the loving support of her best friend, therapist Dr. Avery Badger, she seeks out to design the life she’s always dreamed of. One

A life we all dream of, one filled with love and true acceptance. With Avery’s assistance, discovering love within herself opens Andrea up to new possibilities of the dream life she desires. Including a surprise meeting with her colleague, Tyler Williams. However, with him, will her greatest nightmare come true before her dreams do? Will they have a chance to tower up to new heights or crumble to the ground before getting started?

In this, contemporary romance, witness Andrea waver between living the life she desires or the life desiring her. Which will she choose? You, along with Andrea will fall in love and come to understand why the petals of this flower boasts a different color.