Under Vanishing Skies

| January 1, 2014


Under Vanishing Skies

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Trapped in the Maldives after a massive solar storm killed his family and nearly wiped out the human race, Aron Atherton plans to drink his way through the apocalypse. But his plan fizzles away like the vanishing skies above him when he uncovers a plot that threatens mankind’s last hope for survival. Now it’s up to him to stop an army of fanatical pirates hell bent on launching the final Jihad..

˃˃˃ “A startling sci-fi examination of humanity’s capacity for cruelty in a remarkable dystopian setting.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Fields’ post-apocalyptic novel, set well into the 22nd century, reveals a grim but lucid glimpse of the future, and genre fans will appreciate its descriptions of ultramodern technology such as data mats (computers that can be folded and stuffed into a pocket) and helojumpers (“flying, glass-bottomed boats”). ”

˃˃˃ “”If you’re looking for a relaxing read about sparkling, angst-filled, teenage vampires, look elsewhere.” -KJarvius Goodreads.com

“Under Vanishing Skies (UVS) is a welcome addition to the science fiction/post apocalyptic/end of the world/dystopian genre. With pirates! ”

˃˃˃ “Mystery-suspense-intrigue-apocalyptic-scifi-with a hint of romance.” -The Reader’s Review – Chronicles of a Book Enthusiast

“I appreciated the realistic idea of rebuilding technology after an apocalypse. ”

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