The Mysterious Fall


Fancy a fantastical journey into the after-life, with maybe a touch of time travel and horrific murder thrown in for good measure? Our hero Marlo Campbell unsurprisingly has no such thoughts as he struggles with a dull job, not many friends and an unfortunate face which has been hugely successful at deterring women. Then he finds an old Victorian diary belonging to a young girl who died suddenly at the age of 20. But how did she die, and why? Marlo decides to write the story of Lillian Jones, not realising that it will lead him on an incredible adventure that eventually becomes a mission to bring a serial killer from another era to justice. Along the way he meets a girl….. He also learns the truth about creation, death, gods, and ghosts, and none of them are quite as he or any other human have imagined.

This is a book to make you think, and to make you question your own perspectives on life, and to absorb you into a world you will not want to leave.