Little Secrets Between Friends


Ella has been in love with Tyler, her best friend, for as long as she can remember. He knows nothing of her feelings, and she’s determined to keep them secret at all costs.
Things change however when one evening, in a moment of weakness, she expresses all her frustrations on a blog. When she realizes the magnitude of the chaos she’s created, it’s already too late; the blog has been shared on most social networks.
As the cherry on the cake, Tyler finds out about the blog, and he’s critical of the content and its author to say the least. But Ella’s troubles have only just begun. Not only is she unable to defend herself, but Tyler sets out to discover the identity of the blog’s author, and he’s not the only one. Going from one surprise to the next, Ella realizes she may not be the only one hiding secrets.

“You should try to have the same kind of fun instead of reading the blog of someone who can’t be upfront about her feelings. I’m sorry, but this person has no respect for herself. If she’s as in love with her friend as she claims, why not just tell him?”
“Who knows? Maybe she’s afraid he doesn’t share her feelings.”
“So what?”
“So, maybe she’s not strong enough to deal with the possible rejection. Maybe she’s afraid of having a broken heart. Maybe she’s afraid of destroying their friendship.”
“Knowing is always better than suffering in uncertainty. And please, since she calls herself an adult, she should accept a possible rejection as part of life.”

I see that Tyler is staring at me, so I ask him, “What? Do I have something on my face?”
“No, but you seem different. Have you met someone?”
“Since yesterday evening? Yes, of course. He was waiting for me in front of my building with a huge bouquet and a ring. I said ‘yes,’ and after an evening of passion, we set a date for the wedding. Hence my radiant complexion.”
“Sarcasm suits you well, but I prefer your sunny side.”
“You know that I went to Peter’s engagement party alone and that I had to face the whole family who thought, ‘The poor girl, she couldn’t even find someone to accompany her to her brother’s engagement party.’ So, don’t rub it in.”
“I offered to be your date.”
“Which would have been a good idea if it was someone else who was engaged, but everyone in my family knows you, and I would have looked even more desperate. And you, of course, you would have been the hero who saved the damsel in distress. No thanks. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.”
“You’re not wrong,” he says with a smile that makes my heart flutter.
“Just to be clear, once and for all, I don’t need anyone to save me and especially not a Prince Charming.”
“Maybe you should.”
“Maybe I should what?”
“Need someone.”