Ancient Indian Traditions of Yoga And Ayurveda


This book has two parts.

  • First part provides a systematic approach to eight stages of yoga (Meditation).Which are told by Sage Patanjali.

  • Second part gives details of self healing & Aayurvedic home remedies.

  • I have personally experienced the union of soul with supreme soul. I have received all divine experience & blessings.

  • It is my hearty desire to share this knowledge with world, so that, other can get benefit of this.

  • In second edition I have added a chapter on Agnihotra, Its ash contains 92 elements of periodic table, that too in digestible form.

  • It is a miracle on earth. Its really gods nectar. It means it can treat any disease.

  •  Agnihotra fumes purify blood naturally, with this you will get health naturally without any side effects.

  • Agnihotra is antidote for Hazardous gases, enviroment pollution & also for atomic radiation.

  • If you Perfom  Agnihotra daily in morning & evening, its cost will be less than one dollar in USA/Europe.

  • In INDIA it is less than 0.5 dollars a day.  

  • Those patient who are tired with allopathy & other treatments must try Agnihotra ,it is NECTAR on this earth.

  •  It will give you long and happy life with natural ways. This book is an invaluable resource of self-healing, which is based on ancient INDIAN traditions which are thousands of years old.

  •  Modern allopathic treatments focus on disease management but ancient Ayurveda knowledge focus on prevention of disease & elimination of root cause.

  • This book will guide you on healthy dincharya (Daily routine), which is very important for maintaining the natural rhythm of the body and staying healthy.

  • Ayurveda treatises describe three elemental do?has viz. Vata, pitta(acidity) and Kapha, and state that equality of the do?has results in health, while inequality results in disease.  

  • Prevention are always better than cure. Through this book, you will understand the basic reasons for various diseases. With this knowledge you can maintain your health and can prevent various diseases.  

  • Wish you a healthy and long life. Wish you a happy reading.