Into the Woods

| February 11, 2020


Three friends unite to solve the mystery of a mysterious creature that has been butchering local livestock. In the woods that were a place of legend in their childhood, they seek answers, but soon find that the truth about the creature may be more troublesome than they ever feared.

This chilling mystery takes place in 16th century England in the fictitious village of Carn. John, Thomas, and Henry were the best of friends, raised as brothers by Father Michael–the town priest. As local livestock is attacked, the trio remembers rumors of an evil creature residing in the nearby forest; legends told of a demon, a shapeshifter, and other medieval terrors.
As the three seek answers, they discover they may not have known each other as well as they once thought. The power of secrets, deception, and the great lengths one will go through to protect someone they love are all revealed in due time.

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