Traces Of Home (OPEN WIDE MY HEART Book 1)


From the poetic pen of author S. S. Bazinet comes the first book in the poignant Open Wide My Heart Series!

Lea Ferguson aches to find true happiness. However, when secrets of a cruel past begin to haunt her, Lea fears for her sanity. Not knowing how to cope with her growing panic, she runs away from all she holds dear, including forsaking her devoted fiancè, Doctor Matthew Howell.

Lost and alone after an accident, Lea finds the help she needs. Doctor Eric Lloyd and his doting mother take her into their home and their hearts. They help Lea to understand what love and caring are all about. But the cost of this revelation may be much more than Lea can possibly bear.

After countless sleepless nights and an agonizing search, an elated Matthew locates Lea and the two prepare to meet. However, the reunion ends in disappointment and hurt. They find each other to be strangers instead of lovers.

When a crisis arises, Lea, Matthew, the Lloyds, and Lea’s family are all brought together. With the help of a noted psychiatrist, the dark and disturbing past of everyone is exposed. The pain is buried deep and each interconnected individual is forced to confront their own demons. Once those unwanted memories are resurrected, no one can escape the destruction that follows. No one, especially hard-nosed Matthew, is prepared for the possibility that destruction might also open the way back to forgotten dreams and true love.