Molly and the Magic Flower: Chapter Book (Molly the Sea Cow 1)

| February 13, 2020


A stunning story about friendship and helping each other.

Molly, the sea cow, just wants to have her tummy tickled in a field of corals. With her friend Rufus, the stingray, she sets off on an exciting holiday.

On their way through the ocean, they meet Paula the mermaid. A real mermaid? What a wonderful company! However, soon they need to save Paula and her family from some mean swordfish and a giant octopus who steals something that created the whole beauty of the colorful coral reef: a Magic Flower.

Are Molly, Rufus and the mermaids able to get the Magic Flower back before it is too late?

The vivid color illustrations of this book make reading (and looking at the pictures!) an adventure! The text is simple and suitable for an early age. Molly and the Mermaids is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book to read aloud. If you and your child like courageous animals, that stick together and help each other, then you’ll both love this charming story.

– Reading age 6-10
– A story that celebrates respect for nature.
– Learn the true story about the magic flower that makes the beauty of the coral reef.
– More Fun Facts you never knew about sea cows, corals – and mermaids!
– Free ebook with paperback purchase.


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