The Pumpkin Army: Hallowe’en Horror

| February 14, 2020


Jack is busy studying for some exams on Hallowe’en when he has a visit from his friend, Edie, who has some alarming news. She has stumbled upon a plot by senior witches to abolish Hallowe’en and enslave all Hallowe’en devotees in their wicked cause.

The plan is far advanced, and the witches have already deceived all Hallowe’en pumpkins into supporting them. Jack and Edie have no time to lose in acting to prevent this disaster from happening.

Will they make it in time? And how will they defend themselves, and all Hallowe’en fans the world over, from the supernatural power of the witches?

This book is suitable for all ages, though aimed specifically at young readers of 6 – 10 years of age. Recite it at your Hallowe’en party or enjoy reading it alone. And, of course, it has a happy ending!

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