Little Lu the Dreamer


A sweet and imaginative book that celebrates a child’s dreams and daydreams as meaningful and inspiring.

Little Lu encounters several challenges throughout her day, but there’s one thing that always seems to help. Little Lu is a dreamer. She dreams at night and also finds herself having daydreams while awake. When Little Lu encounters a difficult situation, sometimes her mind begins to wander and she thinks about the situation in a new and fun way. That gives her just the encouragement she needs to take on the challenge with newfound strength and a better attitude. Her dreams and daydreams help not only herself but also the people around her as she spreads the inspiring thoughts around. 

Join Little Lu on a journey through a normal day with its challenges, dreams, and creative solutions. 

Nighttime dreams and daydreams are full of creative solutions. Did you have a good dream last night? Why not go ahead and let it put you in a good mood today?

Are you a dreamer too? Is your child a dreamer?

Then you will definitely relate to the way Little Lu navigates the maze of a normal day through dreams and daytime dreams. 

Would you consider yourself more practical and less dream-full? 

Let this fun story about Little Lu and her dreams give you another perspective on the potential beauty and significance of dreams and wandering thoughts throughout the day.

Little Lu the Dreamer is illustrated with darling and fun pictures that are sure to draw you into Little Lu’s sweet perspective on life.

This beloved children’s book is perfect for children of all ages and all those who are children-at-heart. 

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