Children’s book: Crickets in the Pockets (How to Parent Library Collection)

| January 5, 2014


Children's book: Crickets in the Pockets (How to Parent Library Collection)

Enjoy the little crickets’ wisdom on making friends

Sometimes big surprises come in a small form.

Open your mind and heart to the wisdom of the elder grandfather cricket

and join Tommy on his fun and exciting adventure to attain

the special ability of overcoming abandoning friends!

Every kid in the ages 6-8 needs to read this book, not only for the fun of it

or its wit but for the successful friendship principles it unfolds.

Stories about feelings for kids are important for developing good social skills.

Get this book of kids journeys and join the happy kids club.

With 13 colorful illustrations and about 23k words

this entertaining story teaches children how they can develop interpersonal skills

and make it possible to make friendships last.

By getting this book, parents will also have the exclusive gift of a

FREE Parents’ Guide where you’ll get the answer to the important question of:

“How to help your child make new friends?”

Grab your copy today and enjoy the reading!


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