Harness the Power of the Unf*cked Mind: Spatial Strategy to Success and Happiness


When will success and happiness give a f*ck about you?

Why do many of us painstakingly pay misery to the perplexing social laws?

How to stop whining, start weaning, and eventually “win”?

Throughout my life, I have almost blindly fumbled upon stuff that I thought never existed. Sometimes I have thought I had come up with a novel idea only to stumble onto a source that already existed many centuries before I was born.

I have realized that a lot of times, what seems to disturb us is not anything new. It bothered our ancestors and those before them. And so, why do these disturbances keep on nagging our minds?

We all have stories to tell. However, if you thought of your own story and never listen to other people’s stories, such a monologue would be not only dull but also ignorant. Being on the Ledge of the Know is to appreciate that your story is only but the tip of the iceberg, a small pebble in the ocean of human experience.

Throughout my life, I have fumbled upon rich humus of knowledge that has nourished the grey matter that extended my skull. I have extracted from it, rich content and distilled from it a pure spirit that soothes my soul.

I will share with you my limited distillates. I will plant with you on my decadent humus. Moreover, I will learn with you the nature of our being.

There is a lot that I have learned from other people’s stories than I could ever teach from my own story.

I can’t pretend that I can teach you. However, I know that I can share with you my insights and perspectives… in the hope that you will be able to see the same darkness as I am and beyond it visualize the stars that I see.

I hope we will fumble together in this intoxication.

Let’s put up your dukes!