Watermelon Summer

| January 8, 2014


Watermelon Summer

Would you retrace your parents’ footsteps into a rustic past?

Forsythia is more familiar with subways than with milk cows, but she always dreamed of visiting the intentional community where she was conceived. Now the farm will be sold sight unseen if she doesn’t find a way to bring the community back to life.

Expecting to be greeted by her biological father, she instead discovers cryptic notes and a library card.  The piercing blue eyes of a perfect boy further complicate matters, making it difficult to hold onto her own ambitious plans for the future.

Add in a rustic farmhouse, a flooded creek, and an unexpected betrayal, and the deck seems to be stacked against Forsythia. But she can’t give up, because if the intentional community disintegrates, Forsythia will never really understand what she’s been missing. And she’ll never meet her bio-dad.

Adventurous and romantic, thought-provoking and gripping, Anna Hess’s young-adult page-turner takes readers to a real-life dystopia they won’t want to leave.


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