Patriot Ghosts

| January 8, 2014


Patriot Ghosts

It’s 2004 and Veteran FBI Special Agent Heat and his young female rookie partner Cloe O’Neal are tracking the unknown terrorist who killed Heat’s father. During the course of their investigation, they stumble upon a militia group in Idaho and Montana financed by the Reverend Wilder Stear, a charismatic leader of the Religious Right/Christian Identity movement, and his chain of less than holy porn shops, determined to blow up the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington, DC.

Moving across the country from California to Idaho, New Mexico to Montana, Utah to Washington, DC, in the space of one week SA Heat loses his wife, falls in love with his partner, alienates the new FBI director, deals with the shut-down of the federal government, and uncovers a far reaching plot by against that government.

While Heat and O’Neal try to track down the source of this conspiracy, Joe Haldorn, the milita group’s leader, plots and plans to get revenge on the government that took away his farm and his dreams. Unknown to Haldorn, Boo Gale, one of the members of his organization, is also an FBI undercover operative, who has his own agenda of revenge against the government as well. In addition, The FBI director and his staff are trying to manipulate this group into committing an outrage, so they can use it as an excuse to push for an even more draconian version of the Patriot Act, which would allow Homeland Security to crack down on anyone expressing any kind of government dissent.

Will Heat and O’Neal discover who killed Heat’s father and be able to stop both the terrorists and the bureaucrats from destroying the triple-pillared foundation of American democracy?


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