Murder in Morocco

Camels, kasbahs and chaos but not necessarily in that order.

Down on his luck, Harry is invited by his Aunt Jessica to accompany her on one of her history tours. When one of the group is murdered and the victim’s wife is arrested, neither Harry or Aunt Jessica are convinced she is guilty. Harry’s attempts to investigate land him in trouble and only with Aunt Jessica’s help can he avoid arrest himself.
Like your crime with a touch of humour in a travel setting? If you are a fan of M E Beaton’s Agatha Raison novels or Elizabeth Peters’ Vicky Bliss adventures, you love Aunt Jessica’s adventures.

What readers are saying about MURDER IN MOROCCO: –
‘A somewhat lost young man joins his globe-trotting aunt for a lecture tour in Morocco, and gets far more than he bargained for. An absorbing and entertaining whodunnit in the best tradition of British murder mysteries. Interesting characters, excellent plot and pacing, and lots of great local colour of Morocco. Kept me guessing till the very end.’
‘Another travelling triumph for Miss Cranswick who seems to have all the right sensibilities to juggle crime and humour. This is an admirable undertaking that not everybody manages. I particularly enjoy the settings within her novels although it does give me the pang to travel. Even if there is going to be murder!’

‘The thing about Judith Cranswick’s books is that you get a wonderful tour of whatever place the story is set in. Judith’s descriptions of various locations in Morocco makes the reader ‘see’ everything. No need to go on an actual tour; just read Judith’s book! She shows her depth of knowledge about Morocco, from the city of Marrakech to the villages in the mountainous regions, including the traditions and the food.’

‘Just finished reading ‘Murder on Morocco’ and what an enjoyable read it is. There are plenty of bodies and red herrings along the way and all set against the wonderful Moroccan backdrop, which has been added to my ‘must visit’ list. There is even tea and cake! There are a whole new set of characters to enjoy so let’s hope there are plenty more in the series.’
‘Poor Harry! He’s been down on his luck lately, so when his aunt Jessica offers him the chance to get away from a British winter on a free holiday in return for a bit of fetching and carrying, he jumps at the chance. Sadly though, things don’t exactly go according to plan, and soon he and his aunt are embroiled in Murder in Morocco.’