Third Child

Third Child – A Psychological Thriller

When does a crime become a crime? when it is reported… Cecelia, a journalist with a history of mental illness is approached by Angelina a nurse working in a fertility clinic. She relates a story of unethical practices going on at the clinic involving abortion. The next day Angelina stumbles under a bus, or did she? Suspicious Cecelia decides to investigate the clinic where she discovers for herself what is actually going on.

Every move brings her into ever-increasing danger, but she’s got to continue to get her story so she can bring it to the attention of the world.

Will she succeed in her struggle, will she survive the danger of this world of illegal abortions and the cruelty of these people with power and money?

A story of fear, control, and death, with twists and turns throughout with a final sting in the tale…


Some readers find ‘Third Child’ disturbing in its contents. If you are going to read this book, prepare to be shocked.

A message from Kate on ‘Third Child’.

I have had some interesting questions asked about the story, Third Child which I thought would be interesting to answer. One about its credibility. Researching my story, I was reminded of Mark Twain’s quote ‘Truth is stranger than fiction,’ and yes, in this case, the diabolical is true even if it is too unacceptable to believe.
This being so, to make the story interesting, I wondered why there were people who breezed through life successfully while others failed disappointingly. Repeatedly, I found that it always returned to one finding, identity. A bit like giving a dog a bad name. Cecilia, as her name suggests in one interpretation, is blind. Blind in this case to her qualities. So far, her life has been full of disappointments; she has failed, she is not a successful person. And why fight it when everything she does messes up. She doesn’t understand that to change her perception of herself could change the course of her life.
Introduce the second character, Angelina Joseph; she is the antithesis of Cecelia. Everything she touches in life turns golden. She is beautiful, skilled and happy with her life. Cecilia notices the differences between herself and the beautiful blonde hair woman who seemingly has her life together. One has all the advantages while the other appears to have none. When I write, appears, to have none is not absolutely true; a life spent living negatively also brings advantages.
When Angelina comes across an issue which tests her morals, she has no idea what to do. She flounders and becomes frightened. She looks for someone else to clear up this issue for her which is why she hunts Cecelia down. In effect, she tries to give Cecelia her dilemma.
This problem cannot be resolved until Cecelia remodels herself which she does when she takes on the new persona, Claire. Claire meaning clear. A new personality and a clean sheet to write on; Cecelia has freed up her restraints to tackle this problem.
In the end, after introducing these opposing situations and characters; this is a story which I felt compelled to write. Primarily, its being is to entertain. But if the reader likes to look deeper, and wonder about the premise of this story, I hope it fulfills that intellectual understanding. The narrow span of life we live in can be changed. We can alter our course in life; life is always a game of images.