Layman’s Handbook: A journey to SELF

Life is difficult, oh what a cliché. There are twists and turns for each and everyone of us all along our journey. No two fingerprints are the same and just like this no two person’s stories are the same either.

The handbook is to bring you a snippet of hope and guide you to choices that can be made daily to prevent continued or repeated mistakes or misery. Where do we turn when confused? How do we overcome the challenges that we cannot understand?

Having a handbook as a simple guide to happier health which not only involves smiling more, rather more importantly felling better. A tall ask when we find ourselves in dark places, mixed up, muddled or just plain old tired from it all. Having a handbook to bring oneself back to some basics and restart the day or “begin again” can be as valuable to all of us who take on life each and every day.

The reasons I wrote this is to share with you how I have found, through many years stricken with grief, how I have continued to smile and laugh even though down very deep within myself it has been difficult, I found some ways. Covering not only the depths of my grief but more so my own angle of view to how any issue is exactly that an issue and these can always be dealt with.

Get ready to begin dealing with life and put a spring into your stride, every step of the way. The disclaimer reads “if ya wanna break free and live, get ready to move forward with joy”. No magic formulas, just everything you already hold within yourself but might have been too busy to notice.
It has come high time to free yourself and begin bringing your feelings and your thoughts together as one. You deserve it!