Steel Journeys: The Road to Patagonia

Welcome to the world of Abby Steel and a brand new genre – Biker Chick Lit – a fusion of fun, romance, adventure and sisterhood! You don’t need to be a biker to appreciate Biker Chick Lit. You just need a love of adventure and an appreciation for strong women living life as they see fit.

Life is short, the world is big, and Abby Steel doesn’t want to waste a second.

Fifteen years ago, Abby found the love of her life entangled in the arms of her best friend and Abby hit the road. For good. She hit it on a Harley, and she never looked back. 

Now, she’s the proud owner of a successful all-female motorcycle touring company, Steel Journeys. Women from all walks of life join Abby on her rides across the world. Part tour guide and part life-coach, Abby makes her living helping other women thrive.

But when Abby takes a break from the touring life for a visit home, a ghost from Abby’s past comes knocking on her door and he threatens to bring her world tumbling down. 

Can Abby learn to forgive and face her past? Or will letting him through that door destroy everything she’s struggled to become?

Join Abby Steel on a series of breathtaking international adventures with Steel Journeys – a women-only motorcycle touring company where she calls all the shots. From huts to hotels, it’s never the same adventure twice.