MUSKETEERS!: Countess Incognito

A mysterious lady clinging to a stone gargoyle on the roofline of Notre Dame Cathedral cries out for help to Charles D’Artagnan as he passes below. The young musketeer rescues her from the men that pursue her and then learns she is Countess Mireille du Plessuy–whose husband seeks to have her burnt as a witch. D’Artagnan hides her safely away and finds himself falling for her great beauty and charm…but then, without a word, she vanishes. Fearful that her husband the Count has abducted her, D’Artagnan must fare forth to gather his long-time friends, the three musketeers, and convince them to leave their retirement to aid him. Riding across France, the little band tracks down Mireille du Plessuy, but she is not with the Count…and she is not as she seems.
Short story of approximately 8500 words based on the timeless characters found in the classic, The Three Musketeers.