Mr. Jones: Book 2 of the Adelaide Henson

Danger, Mystery, Intrigue and Twists

…A beautiful, deadly contract killer holds one of the keys to the mystery of a woman’s death, the most gruesome murder Addie’s ever seen or heard about.

Detective Adelaide Henson of Asheville P.D. will brave the streets of Little Havana to find her, corner her. If she can do that without getting herself killed, she’ll learn what she needs.

Henson hopes to return with answers, and her list of suspects reduced to ONE. 

Still, things don’t make sense. The murderer can’t be in two places at once, or is there more than one on the loose? Just how much more dangerous will this get? 

Conventional detective techniques aren’t working. Something is wrong, something is amiss

The deeper Addie goes, the more she risks. Is she willing? Is she able? 

Follow Henson in this psychological murder mystery, Book Two of the series.