Her Secret Billionaire Roommate: A Clean Billionaire Romance Book Six

A bestselling author, a billionaire, and a snowstorm that leaves them stranded in a Montana cabin.

Bestselling author Olivia Weber is a year overdue delivering her next book, and her publisher is being bought out by another publishing company—one that doesn’t like to keep authors who don’t deliver. To spur Olivia’s creativity, her friend and agent sends her on a two-week getaway at a cabin in Snowshoe, Montana.

When Gabriel Saxon, billionaire and CEO of Saxon Publishing, shows up at his family’s cabin in Montana, he’s shocked to find a woman claiming she’s rented the place for the next two weeks. He wants her gone and pronto, but a looming snowstorm puts a kink in his plan. It’s only after they’re stuck together that he finds out she’s the jewel of the publishing company he’s buying and she has no idea who he is—and he wants to keep it that way.

Will being forced together in a tiny cabin bring them closer, or will the looming buyout control the future?

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