Zafira & Ruby: Each Witch with her Spell

Ruby wants to brew a Perfect Wizard,

And Zafira wants to help, but she cannot read correctly!

Will she make brew it wrong? Tell the right recipe to Zafira before it’s too late!

Ruby and Zafira are sisters. While Ruby spends her day studying the lessons of the Great Witch, Zafira spends her day with animals in the woods. Ruby is out on a mission to ‘brew’ the Perfect Wizard. With sisterly quarrels, and mistakes, and in love, and rage, will the two sisters find their ‘Prince Charming’?

Zafira & Ruby – Each Witch with her Spell, teaches your child the importance of helping others. It takes your child on a wonderful adventure teaching them the importance of alphabets, correct reading and a few subtle virtues on the way. It shows them the importance of love between siblings and always having each other’s back.

This short and beautifully illustrated children’s book is written for children aged 5-8. There is a bonus Theater play script in the paperback version. It is suitable as a read-aloud for preschoolers and self-read for beginner readers, or those who love to create or enact stories.