The Soundtrack of Rose (Epic Coming of Age Story)

| January 9, 2014


The Soundtrack of Rose (Epic Coming of Age Story)

Looking for an incredible read? Well The Soundtrack of Rose is a story destined to be on you mind for years to come.

It’s a thought provoking drama that’s left many readers speechless. With many reading a second time to decode its secrets.

The Soundtrack of Rose is an intense drama that begins in Louisiana as a young girl escapes the storms of her past and begins life on her own.

It’s a compelling story of one’s fight for survival, and the strength to go on through incredible circumstances.

The Soundtrack of Rose chronicles the journey of a young woman’s quest to discover what most of us search for throughout our lives. And that’s the search for our identity. And through this woman’s journey, a young Author named David, records every single detail through the walls of his apartment.

You may find that their are many hidden messages throughout this story but it’s up to you to determine its meaning…

Are you capable of solving the meaning to Rose…??


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