Dragons, Knights & Dinosaurs

Dragons, Knights & Dinosaurs ASIN - B084M71FJY

Having fled their Order’s destruction on Earth, the legendary Knights Templar escape to a world where dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, including Titanoboas, Tyrannosaurs and Velociraptors, are among the many deadly dangers they face. The greatest of these dangers, however, may be an ancient dragon whose existence predates even that of Earth. And with the dragon and her kind intent on returning to Earth, the Knights Templar must fight not only to save themselves but the world they left behind.

If you still need something more to help convince you to read the book, think Game of Thrones meets Jurassic Park meets Knightfall.

Lastly, DKD stands on its own but there will be more to come:

Dragons, Knights and Dinosaurs – An eTapestry
Dragons, Mages & Dinosaurs
Dragons, Gods & Dinosaurs

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