How Successful People Manage Their Life and Time

| January 10, 2014


How Successful People Manage Their Life and Time

How to get things done in less time with less stress!

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Many people are overwhelmed with all that is on their plate. They feel stressed and anxious about all the items in their day and week. Can they do it all? In the Book “How Successful People Manage Their Life and Time”, you’ll discover the four simple steps to declutter your schedule and your life.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can go from overwhelm to peace in an hour or less. Just consistently follow these four simple steps: 1.Gather

2.Prioritize and plan


4.Release and relax.

Listen to what others have said:

“Freed from chaos, that’s how I would describe what this book has done for me. When I started, my head was so cluttered and I felt so overwhelmed that I had no clue on how to get started.

The principles and practical exercises of this book have given me clear direction for the first time in my life. I’ve tried other time management systems but this is the first one that taught me the practical steps.

Time and again, I would try to start, get frustrated, and then quit. This book taught me how to clear my mind of the clutter and get everything out and down on paper. Now I am able to put the things back that are going to get me where I want to go. It’s so freeing not being controlled by chaos.”

Can you really experience the transition from burn out to rest, confusion to order, and overwhelm to peace in four simple steps?


I’ve experienced it many times. I’ve watched overwrought widows, CEOs, salesmen, and entrepreneurs go from stress to peace in just a few hours by following these steps.

This book will help, besides improving your time management skills, to clear the clutter and burdens from your mind and workspace, organize it, and make the right decisions about what to do and when to do it…(or if to do it at all).

The techniques in this book will save you 49 minutes a day and give you an additional 25 workdays a year to focus on doing the things you want to do and enjoy doing.

In one sense, there is nothing new in this book. They are an accumulation of 30 years of studying time management techniques and systems.

These are the techniques I use to run two businesses, be a father to 12 children and enjoy special times with my wife. (Not to mention my 17 grandchildren.) It’s not perfect but it works. I’ve tried to keep it simple, practical and useable.

Managing your time instead of time managing you is the key to experiencing a peaceful, fulfilling lifestyle.


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