The Fastest Kid in the World

What happens when Willy takes his brand new soapbox car to the highest hill in town?

Adventure is in the air when Willy Nilly and his dad decide to build a soapbox together. However, Willy’s wild imagination gets the better of him when he tries to think up some ideas on how to get his soapbox to go faster.

Willy Nilly takes his soapbox to the highest hill in town and then coats the wheels with slippery, soapy water. His creativity backfires with hilarious results as Willy Nilly navigates his speeding soapbox through all the obstacles in his home town.

Can Willy use quick-thinking, reflexes and racing driver skills to safely navigate his soapbx home without crashing? Well, you’ll never guess where he ends up!

The Fastest Kid in the World is the fun-filled third adventure in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly picture book series. If you and your child like creative educational stories, exciting outdoor activities for children ages 3-8, and colorful illustrations, then you’ll love Chris Stead’s hilarious racing caper.

Buy The Fastest Kid in the World to join in the super-charged race today!

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