The Dragon Princess (Empire of the Dragon Gods Book 1)

| April 5, 2020

The dragon princess is missing. War is imminent. And someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Amidst a collapsing empire, Lord Alexander and his divided siblings must band together to save their people from civil war.  Their already strained bonds crumble as ‘The Mistress’ undermines their fragile unity.

As bloodstained pasts begin to resurface the three siblings must awaken their spirit arts, an unforeseen effect of the ancient dragon gods’ actions, if they have any hope to survive.  But this is all part of her plan. She manipulates their fates from the shadows, intending to devour them from the inside out.

Unless the dragon princess sides with them, all may be lost.

Perfect for fans of strong female leads, intricate magic, complex epic fantasy plots and of course, dragons.  Be sure to scroll up to grab book one now!

Want to get a taster of the universe?  Grab your free copy of The Last Stand, the prequel novella to the Empire of the Dragon Gods Trilogy, just look inside!

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