Dead Girls: A Casey Pope Book

Death isn’t the worst thing you should fear. Living can be far more hazardous to your health.

After barely surviving a horrific shooting that left her parents dead, Casey Pope isn’t so sure she wants to go on living anymore. It isn’t that she wants to die, exactly, but she just can’t see any way forward with her new life as an orphan. Trying to escape her small hometown, she sets off on what’s supposed to be the Great American Road Trip with her cousin and best friend, Albie. However, trying to escape her past is harder than she thinks, especially since the past seems determined not to let her go.

Casey knows that she’ll have a lot of work to do moving on with her life, but what she doesn’t expect is one unusual side effect of being shot in the head. She doesn’t understand why she sees things that other people don’t. She can’t figure out why the dead seem to be calling out silently to her. But she knows that she has to try and listen, because they won’t leave her alone unless she helps them.

When the ghost of a missing teenager approaches Casey, she can’t be sure if she’s losing her mind or if she’s somehow actually able to see the spirits of the dead. But she knows one thing. She’s the only one who can help find out what happened to the girl and maybe, just maybe, stop it from happening to anyone else. Or herself…

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