The Skill Conspiracy

What if you could transfer your skills directly into the brain of someone who wanted to acquire them?

A new technology can advance the human race farther and faster than ever imagined, but instead of being used for the betterment of mankind, it’s being used to turn a massive profit.  

Alden Heath had been part of this industry for most of his adult life, but when he accidentally finds out a hidden truth behind the technology, he’ll need to expose the conspiracy before the corporation and the world governments protecting it can kill him in order to keep their secret safe.

Alden is on the run going from state to state, country to country and even up to the international space station trying to find the evidence he needs to expose the truth, save his life and change the world.
When one man challenges what everyone in the world thinks they know about the most prolific piece of technology on the planet, will anyone listen?

Read The Skill Conspiracy now to find out.

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