My mindfulness journey story: How I decided to change my life and move to Thailand

“How can mindfulness meditation help you achieve true happiness?” is a very personal question. I don’t think there’s a right answer. Meditation is a tool, and it can help. True happiness is an almost elusive goal, even for the most persistent meditators. A state of a calm mind is, undoubtedly, possible. And it is one of the preconditions for achieving genuine happiness. But also is a life full of tolerance, compassion, and good intentions towards other living beings, and above all to yourself. The calm mind helps. Of course, there’s a world around you, and the question is how much you can make it work. However, when you understand impermanence, it will be easier for you to accept what you cannot change.

Growing up in Serbia in the second half of the 20th century seemed to be a perfect way to spend your youth. It appeared to be sure that tomorrow will always be better than yesterday. Life looked great. Of course, not everything was great, but for young people, those days, politics did not matter. Then came the wars, and everything changed. Politics became the most crucial thing in our everyday conversations and life. We became aware that we are dependent on many political decisions, at home and abroad. It was the time when I have started my business, almost as a hobby. Soon doing business became dire, with all advantages and troubles that it bears with it.

Somehow I have managed to get along, most of the time playing the game I never wanted to play. It became a burden after some years.

In this book, I tried to describe my experience and why I decided to change my life. I hope I succeeded in becoming a better person and to achieve my piece of mind. I hope these tales will help some of you to embark on the mindfulness journey of your own.

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