Until the Stars Cease to Shine

| April 17, 2014


Until the Stars Cease to Shine

100% of royalties made from sales of this e-book will be donated to The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth (Registered Charity No. 264818).

The author Joy Stone was born in rural Somerset, England in 1926, later moving to Southampton, and is 87 at the time of publishing. Her manuscript lay forgotten for many years until it was rediscovered by her relatives in 2013 in a battered old box.

Her granddaughter decided to type it up and publish it as an e-book for Amazon Kindle on Joy’s behalf so that others can finally enjoy the work she is so proud of, and which lay unread for so many years.

Thank you for reading Joy’s book and allowing her words to come alive.

An old-fashioned adventure with plenty of romance and a sprinkling of humour, “Until the Stars Cease to Shine” tells the story of Amelia De Vere and Arthur Goodlayman. On hearing that Arthur, a mere farmhand, wants to marry Amelia, her wealthy and overbearing parents send her away to live with her grandfather. From this moment her life takes a twisting path which leads to her fortunes becoming entwined with those of a much-wanted highwayman and his band of men. Will fate allow Arthur and Amelia to be reunited despite the trials and tribulations that have come between them?

A simple and traditional story of love overcoming obstacles, set against the backdrop of 18th Century England when people worked the land, travelled by horse and cart, and lived in fear of highwaymen.

Approximately 60,000 words long.


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