Eye Of The Storm: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Adventure Thriller (The Storm Cycle Book 1)

It All Began With The Sound Of Thunder.
A Thunder That Came In The Night.
A Thunder That Changed The World.
When the eye of the storm moves, so do they. It is a brutal life. But is there somewhere else out there, beyond the Eye?
In a post-apocalyptic future, a handful of survivors cling to life in the last habitable place on Earth: the Eye of the Storm. Within it, tribes of humans scrounge for scraps and fight for temporary land. They must keep going. It is their only option. But then the Pathfinders make a terrible discovery; that the one spot left they call ‘safe’ may be disappearing.
Then Aiden finds her; a mysterious young woman who speaks a language he’s never heard. Yet, he understands her message.
There is another place.
They’ve managed to survive by never venturing into the chaos of the swirling winds and lightning, but to find this mythical land, Aiden will need to go into the Storm. The expedition will need the help of the Stormwalkers, a strange group of nomads who may not be quite what they seem. They may not even be human.
To many, the idea of an outside world is blasphemy. They don’t want the mission to succeed. And so, while Aiden and his crew venture into the wasteland, war is brewing within the Eye.
Who will win? Who will lose? Who will survive?
You’ll love this clever look at a different kind of apocalypse, as the adventure keeps you turning the pages.
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????? – “Dune meets Mad Max…”

?????” – This story held me captive. Eerily descriptive of a world that could easily be a post apocalyptic reality… an emotional roller coaster.”

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