The Way of the Prince

Seemingly abandoned by her parents on a dark and lonely road during a freezing rain storm, Abby desperately seeks shelter before losing consciousness. She wakes in a strangely beautiful place, a modern yet castle-like building powered by an AI more advanced than any she has ever experienced. One of hundreds of residents mysteriously suffering from severe memory loss, Abby is assigned a roommate and guardian so beautiful and kind, she accepts that he can’t tell her where she is. And then there’s the Virtual Reality Hall provided for everyone’s entertainment, which is so realistically immersive it’s hard to keep worrying about where she came from.

But when Abby begins remembering, the flashbacks are so vivid, she loses all sense of her surroundings reliving them. Disturbed by what these memories reveal of her former life, she begins exploring the vast and beautiful lands surrounding her new home. Then one day, she meets a young man who tells her he has come in search of her. Surprised, intrigued, and instantly drawn to him, she lets him begin leading her down a thrilling path of discovery, marred only by the growing sense of a dreadful danger waiting for her at the end.

Abby must decide who she trusts, and how far she is willing to go in search of the truth and her freedom.

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