Ash Above, Snow Below (Wolves of the Outer Landscape)

Joshua’s world has frozen over, leaving him to wander the barren wasteland of everything he used to know. Pursued by something savage and unfathomable, he must traverse the frigid landscape known as The Valley, an enigmatic region filled with nightmares, some of them his own.

Simone’s purpose has brought her to the very same place, where she now hunts the group of men who took everything from her. Armed with a rifle containing only three cartridges, she must confront the mounting forces of The Valley, cold and alone.

Ovin’s hunt for an infamous cartel leader has carried him to the wild scrubland and battle-gutted cities that border The Valley. In a desperate search for information on what might be waiting for him within its borders, he’ll be forced to come face-to-face with an act of violence that made him long ago, and another that has the potential of unmaking him in the future.

With a trio of characters whose individual stories inform the others in unexpected and even impossible ways, Fredrick Niles weaves a vicious modern-day tale of mythological proportions. Set upon a backdrop of barren deserts and wind-scarred forests, Ash Above, Snow Below explores the brutal and unforgiving landscapes we build around ourselves as we respond to violence, and what it means to escape them.

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