Summer’s Ridge

| January 13, 2014


Summer's Ridge

Kyra Summers is living atop of her world: successful farmer, author and songwriter. She is everything she has ever wanted to be, almost. Living the single life has proven to be quiet lonely due to the fact she hasn’t kept a boyfriend since that dreadful night nearly six years ago when she was sent to hell and back.

What Kyra thought would be a nice relaxing one night fling turns into something more complicated. Like how the guy she thought was just passing through town somehow ends up moving into her guest room.

Blake Burro had no real plans for his life, and he liked it that way. Upon learning he had fallen into some inheritance, Blake hopped on his Harley and cruised halfway across the country to see what his grandfather possessed. What he found in Illinois was a lot more than he expected: a bar, a house, some money, oh and an outstanding debt owed to him from the pretty feisty farm girl he spent his first night in town with.

Nothing is ever simple though. Kyra is still trying to outrun her nightmares and Blake has problems of his own. But when Blake stumbles upon a box of his grandfather’s journals they both discover that Blake’s family secrets is the same one that left Kyra in a ditch to die.


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