Red Rock Creek

When young Harry Maynard’s father, Zeke, wrongly accused him of being a horse thief, he left Red Rock Creek in disgrace, lucky to flee with his life.

For seven years, Harry worked at Walt Whitmore’s ranch, a kindly man who gave him a second chance, impressed with his loyalty.

One day, Harry gets a letter from a lawyer telling him his father had passed on, and to come by his office to discuss the ranch. On his return, Maynard gets more than he bargained for as more men step forward, claiming Zeke gave them the right to own Red Rock. Everyone at the ranch seems to want Harry out of the way, whatever that might take. Worse still, the sheriff isn’t pleased to see a horse thief back in town and wants him gone too.

Will an unlikely man step from the shadows of his past to help him in time to save him from Boot Hill, or is Harry’s time finally up?

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