Break Me: High School Bully Romance Standalone (Sapphire Bay High Book 1)

My name is Winter, and I’m in deep trouble…

My life spiraled out of a control after a devastating family tragedy.

I’d never see my father again, and it ached me to the very core of my bones.

I had to numb myself from the pain, nightmares, and angst I experienced.

Drinking,late night hooks ups, and regretful early mornings became commonplace.

To save me from myself, my mother sent me to a place called Sapphire Bay.

After a few weeks, happiness, sobriety, and friendship became the norm for me.

But then,I met the 3 most popular boys in school…

They want me to go back to my old ways, and I don’t think I can tell them no.

Will I make it to see graduation, or will Sapphire Bay High royalty eat me alive?

(Disclaimer: Break Me is a dark why choose reverse harem bully romance. It contains sex, drug use, bullying, and other triggering events. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 17+ recommended.)

Each novel in the Sapphire Bay High series can be read consecutively or separately.

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