My Words Speak When I’m Silent

‘In the world of known,I’m unknown to myself’

This is not just a simple book.It’s a silent cry from the soul when it gets hurt ,the pinching of the scars and reflection of the tormenting shadow of myself.Such creations come into being when the bottle of feelings overflows and transforms into glittering gems.For a writer ,his writings are treasure that he wants to be hunted by all.The more people go through it,the more satisfaction he gets.

‘A reader has no class;he is neither rich nor poor.He belongs to the class of intellectuals.When he is lost in realm of his book,his mind is free of materialistic pursuits and he dives into the ocean of knowledge to gather more pearls of wisdom’

Here,I’m sharing my poetry and random thoughts that are product of tears and smile.I didn’t write it myself,the words just sprouted out of my pen.I couldn’t resist.This process took around ten years to finally reach the conclusion that it should be published.You will feel all of them near to your heart and help you to give a vent to your own feelings.

‘The procedure of sowing seeds of thoughts in mind through reading,feeling,observing and contemplating,goes on every moment but the ripening of words and then harvesting of this crop takes much time.
Seasons and circumstances aren’t in writer’s hands.’

Each word is written with the gist of passion and that will surely touch your heart.

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