Building A Portrait!

Building A Portrait!

We ALL eventually take portrait photos – why not learn to put the “WOW” in them?

Creating a terrific portrait involves more than just aiming the lens at your subject and pressing the button. “Building A Portrait” will show you everything you need to know. It’s easy once you know how!

Here is the Table of Contents…

Introduction: Review

? Neutral Density Filters
? Graduated Filters
? Backdrops

How To Build A Portrait: Terminology And The Overall Shape Of The Photograph

? Size Matters

Composition Tips: Make Sure Your Photographs Tell A Story

? Anti – Level Shoulders
? Sit Up Straight
? Use The “Rule Of Thirds” If It Makes Sense
? Fill The Frame
? Follow The Eyes
? Who is the star
? Focus On The Most Important Feature – The Eyes
? Depth Of Field
? Skin, Love It Or Leave It
? Bare Skin Continued

Beauty: Women Should Look Sexy And Pretty, Men Should Appear Powerful

? The Symmetrical Face
? Sexism In Portrait Photography
? Here’s A Really HARD Photo Tip

Problem Area Fixes:

? Differently Sized Eyes
? The Crooked Nose
? Acne Scarred And Wrinkled Skin
? Here’s A Photo Tip That May Require Some Begging
? Round and Chubby Faces
? The Neck Wattle
? Photography Clothing Tips
? The “Photographic Ground Modification System”

Photo Exercises:

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