Tessa Tease

Falling in love was not in the job description…

Being a Teaser was easy. Infiltrate an organization, discover their secrets, and bring the criminals to justice. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. So, why can’t I stop thinking about the curly-haired mafia boss down the hall?

When Tessa Abraham was assigned to investigate Mario Vasquez- one of the wealthiest (and most dangerous) men in Miami- the last thing she expected was to fall head over heels for him. Soon, Tessa realizes that she isn’t the only one interested in the secrets that lurk in Miami’s shadows. Alliances are tested when Tessa discovers the powder-keg that threatens to rip everyone’s world in two. 

What started as a simple recon mission, spiraled into the largest criminal conspiracy case of the decade. Will love conquer all? Or will the truth be too much for some to bear?

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