Spellcaster Academy: Episodes 1-4

Magic is real…who knew? Too bad I suck at it.

I was a freak from day one – no parents and a head of white hair that makes me stick out like a sore thumb. So, when a mystery aunt invites me to start a new life, I don’t ask questions. I board a plane. Pronto.

But surprise! *insert sarcasm* It’s all a lie and a weird lady in a dusty junk shop basically shoves me into a closet… and I tumble into a magical world.

Which might be awesome, if I weren’t a freak there too.Apparently, at Borealis Academy, my white hair means I’m public enemy number one.

Just my luck.

Thank the stars, they can’t kick me out unless I’m unable to master magic – which, unfortunately, is even more difficult than it sounds.

One bright spot is my hot spellcasting tutor required to help up my skills. Although, he won’t give me the time of day, let alone help me pass.

But my magical problems are only just beginning when my dark family past catches up with me. Now, if I can’t learn to master my powers, it could lead to a far worse fate than expulsion…

It could destroy everything.

Includes the first four episodes of the enchanting Spellcaster Academy series. 
Episode 1: Magical Realism
Episode 2: The Dark Curse
Episode 3: Fire & Lightning
Episode 4: Shadow Pack
Episode 5: The Dying Realm
Episode 6: Lost & Found
Episode 7: A Necessary Sacrifice
Episode 8: Poison & Lies. The stunning conclusion. 
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