Bloodstone: Into the Darkness (A Tale of the Eternal Stones Book 2)

Bursting with the full power of the Firestone and the knowledge that he has Dragon’s blood running through his veins – Roeg has the power to save the world… or so he thinks.

Sephonei has realized a hard truth – the Atlantean armies are systematically wiping out all the mythical creatures, the elves, the gnomes and even mythic’s not described in the Bestiary. She has decided she won’t go along without a fight.

Now on her own, only with Pery, her large winged Peryton by her side, she haphazardly stumbles her way to through Deadman’s Pass on her way to the Land of Darkness.

To complicate things more, Fetch is hot on the trail of the Great Spirit Clan, and the blue-haired boy who’s mother abandoned him at birth. The man with the wide-brimmed hat, a metal arm and elemental arrows knows no boundaries when he is on the hunt.

Who will make it to the land of darkness first and who will make it out alive?


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